Top 10 Best Camera Cranes On The Market

The videographer or camera fanatic will hustle to purchase any gear that tends to make production smoother, much more transportable, and inexpensive. Our top 10 Best Camera Cranes are all top sellers and obtain rave reviews from clients. According to consumer input and item descriptions, we’ve compiled our top 10 list for the buying pleasure.

10. Pro Series Expert Video Stabilizing Handle


The Pro Series Expert provides a video stabilizing deal with that offers stability for shooting action videos whilst enabling the attachment of a flash or video light. Lengthy filming will probably be a breeze using the foam covered deal with that comfortably rests inside your hand. Produced of a sturdy plastic for lightweight overall performance.
• Ideal for staying totally free to move using the shot
• May be attached to a tripod for ground stability
• Can double having a video camera beneath along with a GoPro on top
• Much better than a conventional hand strap
• Not the conventional metal construction
• Doesn’t consist of conventional hand strap
• Relies on hand stability instead of ground
Despite the competitors from its metal counterparts, this plastic crane gets fantastic reviews for its versatility and great building. It’s the best purchase for the cost, with out sacrificing high quality.


9. ProAm USA Orion Jr DVC50 4 ft Compact Camera Crane / Jib


The ProAm USA Orion Jr DVC50 is really a 4 foot lengthy, however compact, camera crane that may effortlessly be attached to a tripod with ¼” x 20 threads. With smooth, steel bearings and powder coating, it moves swiftly and with ease throughout even probably the most tough shots. Much better however, maintain the camera totally level having a totally automatic camera tilting function. Priced for affordability, this option will satisfy the expert and amateur alike.
• Functions smoothly and effortlessly to capture action videos
• Lightweight and sturdy
• Great for indoor or little spaces
• Mounting bracket is ideal for wider DSLRs, or perhaps your little handheld P&S
• Doesn’t consist of tripod, stand, head or weights
• Takes some practice to get smooth movements
• Doesn’t have tilt control like the 8’ model
• Must use a heavyweight tripod
This best-selling camera crane by ProAm USA certainly takes the prize for versatility. Whether on a tripod or gripped by hand, it really captures the best video with smooth, effortless motions. This crane is really a fantastic starting point that adds professionalism to your production.


8. ProAm USA Orion DVC200 8 ft Camera Jib Crane


The ProAm USA Orion DVC200 is an eight foot camera jib crane that extends five feet from a sturdy tripod and is produced of aircraft aluminum for lightweight and durable building. Also containing fluid steel bearings, it quickly mounts to a tripod with ¼” x 20 threads.
• Able to obtain smooth motion on 3 axis
• Optional 4’ extender available
• Flexible tilting features allow independent or auto tilt
• Versatile and transportable enough to do hand held shots
• Simple to assemble with out the use of additional tools
• Doesn’t consist of stand or weights
• Can flex when mounted on non-manufacturer stand
• Doesn’t attach to a TV monitor for composing shots
With the DVC200, you get what you pay for – meaning much more angles, much more flexibility and greater distances than its #9 counterpart. Don’t let the simple building fool you, because this gear is likely to send your production into expert mode.


7. 8 ft. Camera Crane Jib with Stand by Advanced Digital


This eight foot camera crane jib by Advanced Digital comes handily with its own stand, making for a seamless setup. Being easy to assemble with out extra tools, it’s aluminum frame is coated in a black, scratch-resistant powder coat finish for durability.
• Effortlessly breaks into (2) 4’ sections
• Can manually or automatically tilt camera
• Much better consumer service than expected
• Needs a tripod having a very sturdy, fluid head
• Limited on compatibility with camera models
• Several consumer reviews state faulty gear common
• Doesn’t come having a case
• Much better at fixed shots; lacks smooth stabilization
Without the big brand name to back it up, this crane deserves the honorable mention as #7 on our top 10 list because reviews confirm that it’s worth the cost. If you seek expert production gear with out paying for the logo, then this crane is right for you.


6. ProAm USA 360


The ProAm USA 360 pans the full degree span and comes with bearing mounts. It also attaches to 3/8” tripod legs and has a unique black anodized finish. Adding another axis of movement to the jib, the ProAm USA 360 compliments most other products.
• Easy to lube for smooth panning
• Can mount on almost any platform (stand or tripod)
• Quiet, sensitive, non-motorized panning mechanism
• Easy to set up
• Open top may leak oil or take in dirt/sand
• Top of market cost range for similar items
• Needs a cover for outdoor shooting
To some professionals, the cost of the ProAm 360 seems a bit high. But, for the additional production capabilities it’s a worthy purchase and addition to any studio.


5. Turn-key ProAm USA 8 ft to 12 ft DVC200 Camera Crane Production Package


The beauty of this item is that all you need to set up a expert video shoot comes in one package. The ProAm USA expands from 8ft to 12ft and includes a stand, bag, LCD kit, adapter plate and charger. It’s a fantastic budget-friendly starting point for any amateur looking to take it expert.
• Looks expert in front of clients
• No wiggle, flex or slop
• Extra-large carrying case for additional gear
• No need for a ladder to get high-angle shots
• Has a 10” screen for composing shots
• Only requires a one man crew
• Monitor is non-HDMI
• Doesn’t consist of weights
• Need an Allen key to fasten the joiners
• Tends to make noise if in cold weather
With all you need in one package, there’s not much better item to put your passion into action. And considering the pros outweigh the cons, this reliable brand item will certainly fit the bill.


4. ProAm USA Orion DVC210 8 ft DSLR Camera Jib Crane


Much like its counterparts, the ProAm USA Orion DVC210 is eight feet in length but differs in that it’s produced specifically for DSLRs – making this a fantastic, inexpensive way to spice up your photography shoots.


3. Indy Jib 4′ Camera Crane


The Indy Jib 4’ Camera Crane functions fantastic with both DSLRs and Video Cameras, effortlessly supporting up to 10 pounds. Powder coated in scratch-resistant black, this crane is produced in the USA. Proudly touting its heritage, the Indy Jib sports a full lifetime warranty too.
• Can capture floating, cinematic movements
• Provides smooth panning and fluid movement
• Easy to carry for on the go professionals
• Slower setup than other cranes
• Slightly heavier than similar models
• Must purchase additional mount to achieve tilting
There’s no doubt that ProAm captures our market, but Indy just outshines in cost and durable building and, therefore, tends to make it near the top of our list.


2. Kessler KC-Lite 8.0 Camera Crane


The Kessler KC-Lite almost tops the chart because of its market potential for the low budget filmmaker. It’s the best economy crane available to beginning production artists. One of the top 20 sellers on, it’s certain to fire the flame in any amateur videographer.
• 100 percent tool-less setup
• 360 degree rotation
• Constructed of high grade 6061 aluminum
• Side mounting eliminates need for tilt mechanism
• Can only hold up to 10 pound cameras
• Beam is thinner than high-end cranes
• Side mounting may cause it to leanUnlike most entry-level cranes, this packs a punch with full rotation capabilities – something often purchased separately from high-end cranes that professionals use. You’d be surprised at the high quality, durability and affordability when compared to other models.


1. ProAm USA DVC200 Camera Jib Crane with 4 ft Extension (12 ft Total Length)


The ProAm USA DVC200 Camera Jib Crane is used by filmmakers all over the world. Whilst it’s not the priciest of our selections, it definitely stands out as the best purchase for serious industry professionals. It’s so versatile and all-inclusive of probably the most sought after features that we couldn’t help but make it #1.
• Independent and Auto-Tilt feature integrated
• Three axis movement possible
• Optional 4’ extension available
• Quickly mounts to standard tripods
• Designed and priced for low to no-budget cinema
• Tripod and weights not included
• Takes ample time to set up at first
When choosing a camera crane, it’s important to know exactly what your needs are. Fortunately, at the reasonable cost, the DVC200 can meet just about any budget and production requirement you can think of. It’s the worthiest competitor in an otherwise flooded market.