Top 10 Best Dip Stations On The Market

Dip stations are for supplying a complete physique exercise. Even though easy, they’re efficient tools for fitness to consist of within the house fitness center. They permit you to do numerous workouts on only a single unit. These tools usually are available in a freestanding building, therefore eliminating expenses of installation and permitting you safely move the unit effortlessly wherever you’ll need it. Because of their fantastic weight capacity, they are able to accommodate a wide selection of customers. Nevertheless, it could be difficult buying for the best dip station and, as such, this short article assists you uncover the top 10 best dip stations in 2016 reviews to select from.

10. Dip Stand 2″ X 3″ Angled Dipping Station Bars HD Machine

This model is produced from 2 inch by 3-inch steel frame that’s powder-coated to become sturdier and scratch resistant. This unit measures 27 by 53 by 37 inches. It attributes well-padded handles for supplying a comfy and non-slip grip. Additionally, it has rubberized feet at its base for stopping sliding. It supports weight as much as 500 pounds.

9. Adjustable Dip Push Up Physique Row Pull Station

Offering total physique exercise, this unit measures 24.5-inches lengthy and 16 wide. It attributes a 3-position-height adjustment, and may be heights of 30, 33.5, and/or 36 inches. Additionally, it attributes 8 inch diameter grips that are padded with high-density foam for supplying fantastic comfort. Its feet are encased utilizing non-slip rubber for guarding the floor whilst stopping unnecessary shuffling. It could assistance as much as 300 pounds weight capacity.

8. Fuel Pureformance Dip Station with Rings

It’s a powerful and well-built dip station for supplying the perfect choice when operating out your chest also as triceps muscle tissues. It attributes a long-lasting steel physique with matte powder-coating for additional strength. It is also fitted with regular Olympic rings for assisting you in performing a number of workouts. Its grips are nicely padded utilizing high-density foam, supplying additional comfort.

7. Apontus Energy Stand Tricep Dip Station

Measuring 42-inches length and 27.5 inches width, it is a 53-inch tall unit, accommodating even tall customers. It attributes knurled grips that are simple to grasp and hold to. Its V-shaped bars permit customers to adjust its width to either narrow or wide, creating it simpler and comfy to make use of around the shoulders and elbows. It accommodates a 500 pound maximum weight.

6. Stamina 1690 Energy Tower

It’s an excellent unit that is equipped with a number of exercise stations, incorporating a sturdy frame produced from heavy-duty steel. It comes inside a freestanding building, therefore requires no large space, and is effortlessly shifted from 1 point to an additional. It has rubberized grips for supplying a higher and comfy grip. Its base is fitted with non-slip finish caps for maintaining it in location.

5. Body-Solid Industrial Dip Station

It’s a freestanding unit which serves to target the triceps muscle tissues and also the shoulders. Its frame is produced from a 2 by 3 inch steel tubing, rendering the unit sturdy sufficient for accommodating even heavyweights with out buckling. This frame attributes a pair of 1 inch diameter handles fittings, handles that incorporate fantastic padding for higher grip. The unit also attributes a wide base that is encased inside a non-slip rubber for higher stability.

4. Dip Station, Dip Stand, Dip Bar, Dip machine

This dip station incorporates a 2 inch steel frame that is thick, therefore can accommodate as much as 500 pounds weight. It measures 38.5-inches by 21.5-inches by 54-inches, so it accommodates even tall customers. Its handlebars are considerably cushioned with high-density foam for supplying fantastic grip. Its wide base attributes a pair of handles, permitting for push-up workouts.

3. Weider Energy Tower

Featuring 4 exercise stations, this fantastic unit enables 1 carry out numerous workouts. It is constructed to totally exercise your upper physique, enhancing muscle strength and mass. It attributes a firm tubular frame which supports the nicely padded armrests as well as hand grips. The frame attributes rubberized feet for fantastic protection towards the floor, and also the unit bears as much as 300 pounds weight.

2. Yaheetech Dip Stand, Dip Bar, Dip Machine

It features a lightweight style of only 40 pounds, however accommodates as much as 500 pound of weight, a capacity produced feasible by its firm 2 by 2 inch steel frame. It attributes 145.7 inch lengthy handlebars which are spaced by 25.5 inches, and they’ve padded grips for supplying additional comfort when you’re working out. This dip station model features a non-slip base for maintaining the entire unit intact in location.

1. Valor Fitness BD-18 Squat Stand Towers with Dip Handles

It’s an excellent and versatile fitness unit which provides a complete physique exercise to any user. Its supporting frame is produced from heavy-duty stainless steel as well as powder-coated for assured strength plus durability. This unit attributes 12 inch spotter arms that are adjustable to differ its bar height. The unit is firm sufficient to even accommodate as much as 600 pounds weight. Its base is nicely rubberized to stop sliding.