Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters On The Market

Having the best French fry cutter can help you save the power needed to slice potatoes into French fries sized pieces. A few of the elements that you simply ought to appear for when selecting the French fry cutter consist of the ease of operation and upkeep.

It ought to also be hygienically developed. With these elements in thoughts, the following are reviews from the best top 10 best French fry cutters in 2015.

10. House Fundamentals EZ-French Fry Chopper

You can use this French fry cutter to effectively slice and chop potatoes in addition to vegetables. It utilizes sharp stainless steel blades to effortlessly slice the potatoes and create a perfect French fry reduce. Inside a single reduce, it tends to make about 45 slices. You are able to use it to slice vegetables and fruits using the exact same efficiency and ease that it delivers when slicing potatoes. An additional best factor about this French fry cutter is the fact that it’s extremely inexpensive. You are able to get for much less than $10.

9. Prepworks From Progressive International GPC-3664 Jumbo Potato Cutter

If you’re searching for a French fry cutter that you could use to reduce big entire potatoes inside a single swift motion, the Preworks Jumbo potato cutter will be the best choice. If attributes a soft grip deal with for comfort whenever you are utilizing it. In addition to slicing potatoes, this cutter can also be fantastic for slicing carrots, yams and zucchini. It’ll prove to become so advantageous in the event you don’t just like the job of getting to initial reduce the potatoes into smaller sized pieces prior to you begin feeding them towards the cutter. Cleaning and sustaining it’s also extremely simple because its blade and pusher plates are secure sufficient to become placed inside a dishwasher.

8. Fox Run Potato Cutter, French Fries

This cutter will be the best option for smaller sized quantities of fresh-cut French fries. It attributes a plastic physique with stainless steel blades. It’s developed for house use instead of for industrial restaurants. An additional factor you’ll like about it’s that it’s extremely easy to operate. It’s compact and finely contoured and also you won’t have to do a great deal to make sure that it’s nicely maintained. It’s a preferred to numerous individuals because of its salient attributes.

7. New Star 37340 Industrial Grade French Fry Cutter with Suction Feet

This cutter is perfect for each house and industrial use. It’s constructed having a cast iron physique in addition to stainless steel rod that make it effective and lengthy lasting. Additionally, it attributes potent suction feet that enables you to mount it with out drilling into any walls or counters. Following utilizing it, you are able to effortlessly detach it and stow it away if you would like to decongest your kitchen. You are able to use it anyplace and not necessarily on flat surfaces.

6. Weston Goods Veggie Dicer Plastic French Fry Cutter 36-3301-W

This is really a revolutionary cutter that enables you to appreciate the procedure of transforming your potatoes into thin fries. It enables you to decrease the potatoes to regular slices with out utilizing lots of power, but you might be needed to reduce the potatoes in half prior to you feed them in to the cutter. An additional great factor about this cutter is the fact that it’s extremely easy to clean and preserve. It’s also extremely inexpensive, so you are able to have the ability to buy it even when you’re operating on a tight spending budget.

5. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter with Round Bottom for Simple Slicing, Stainless Steel

With this cutter, you’ll not need to undergo lots of difficulty to create your personal foodie French fries. It attributes a curved bottom and is particularly developed to accommodate various potato shapes to get a forceless operation. You’ll merely have to choose the grid based on the preferred size from the fries, and after that position the potato in such a way that it’s facing the grid. You’ll not have to apply any unnecessary force when utilizing this potato cutter. You are able to also use it to slice other veggies like zucchinis, cucumbers and carrots. Its blades are extremely simple to wash and alter.

4. LEM Goods French Fry Cutter

You can use this French fry cutter to deal with big potatoes with out any issue. It attributes two stainless steel cutting plates, with 1 plate becoming for normal fries whilst the other is for thinner ones. Additionally, it features a suction base that attaches to any flat surface. If you would like to obtain the best outcomes when utilizing it, it’s suggested to peel and halve potatoes prior to placing them in to the cutter.

3. Progressive GPC-2549 French Fry Cutter, Stainless Steel

With this cutter, the job of obtaining your French fries prepared for deep frying will turn out to be a lot simpler. All you’ll be needed to complete is peel the potatoes, reduce them in half and after that location them within the chute. Following that, you’ll have to use its deal with to gently squeeze via to be able to get your fries reduce in thick and thin. You are able to adjust the size from the slices to what you favor utilizing the interchangeable stainless steel blades that it comes with.

2. Weston Restaurant High quality French Fry Cutter

This cutter delivers higher overall performance and demands extremely minimal upkeep. It enables you to effortlessly reduce potatoes as much as 6 inches lengthy into 3/8 inch French fries. It attributes a heavy duty cast iron physique which has stainless steel elements, so it’ll final for extremely lengthy. It’s extremely simple to disassemble for cleaning and upkeep. When utilizing it, you are able to mount it on any flat surface.

1. New MTN Gearsmith Preminum Deluxe Industrial Grade Heavy Duty French Frys/Fruit/Vegitable Cutter with 4 Blade

If you would like to take your potato chopping encounter towards the subsequent level, this really is the cutter you’ll have to buy. It attributes hardened stainless steel, so you are able to use it using the assurance that it’ll stay difficult in addition to rust-free for the longest time feasible. It’s extremely versatile having a set of 4 replacement blades which enables it to become utilized as a fruit and vegetable cutter cum French fry chopper. You don’t have to invest cash on purchasing various appliances separately.