Top 10 Best French Presses On The Market

Designed in 1929 by a coffee enthusiast, Attilio Calimani, French presses stay sought-after globally. Although style and style have changed significantly through the years, their principle of operation has remained exactly the same. After you have added coarse coffee grounds and also the needed quantity of water, all you’ve to complete is plunge its interior to develop stress and force coffee extraction with out based on heat as well as other sources of power.

The high quality of coffee that most brands produce is impressive. Usage can also be easy, whilst the array of fashionable styles appeals to tens of coffee lovers who’re tired from the conventional and modern coffee makers accessible within the marketplace. Purchase certainly one of these 10 models or the best encounter:


Designed to prepare scrumptious coffee having a small work, this French press from LINKYO is really a versatile household accessory produced of a tough and naturally BPA stainless steel (18/18). The material is fashionable. Storage capacity is impressive (34 ounces) whilst its minimalistic components are extremely simple to make use of anytime you’ve time for you to prepare coffee. In contrast to some coffee makers that need complex setups and precise measuring to function nicely, all you’ve to complete is dump your components and plunge it as required for best outcomes. Cleaning can also be easy whilst its sophisticated and environmentally friendly style features a constructed in filter screen that keeps your coffee smooth and prepared to drink. Ensure that you register your item to qualify to get a two-year assure.

9. Utopia Kitchen French Press

Considered amongst the best French presses in 2016, this model by Utopia Kitchen is really a functional accessory that doubles as an espresso maker and tea maker. Featuring a heat resistant glass physique along with a stainless steel plunger, it’s tough. Its built-in triple filters get rid of solids nicely to help keep coffee smooth and scrumptious whilst the big 34-ounce storage capacity provided enables you to prepare big batches of coffee (or tea) for the family members members. All elements are BPA-free. Its steady style is extremely simple to deal with when plunging whilst its higher aesthetic worth and also the 30-day cash back assure provided for it appeals to numerous property owners.

8. Procizion

Even although slightly smaller sized (20 ounces) that the Utopia Kitchen French press listed herein (34 ounces), Procizion is really a versatile accessory that prepares as much as 5 scrumptious cups of coffee and tea. The heat resistant borosilicate glass utilized to manufacture it’s tough, stain-proof, and BPA-free whilst its contemporary styling (shining chrome housing) not just blends nicely in kitchens but additionally creates a great centerpiece. The triple filter screens provided maintain coffee smooth and attractive. Additionally they extract acids and aromatic oils to maximize flavors and enhance its functionality general, regardless of the coffee recipe that you’re utilizing. Procizion French Press is inexpensive, extremely simple to make use of, and features a 30-day cash back assure.

7. Utopia Kitchen Triple Filter

Featuring a fashionable chrome physique, a high-capacity 34-ounce style, and an sophisticated triple filter method that guarantees optimal coffee extraction, Utopia Kitchen French press is really a beneficial household accessory with an array of revolutionary attributes. Its borosilicate glass carafe is fashionable, tough, and extremely simple to clean following use. Its plunger, however, is sturdy and features a comfy deal with that betters the encounter of customers whilst its brewing speed and also the plethora of security attributes provided (plastic lid liner, for example) make it a perfect French press for daily use. Neglect about your slow drip coffee maker or the soggy filters that you simply cope with anytime you use your conventional coffee maker.

6. Bodum Chambord

With Bodum Chambord, you get a sizable (34-ounce) chrome themed French press that prepares as much as eight cups of scrumptious coffee at complete capacity. Building is sturdy and tough utilizing borosilicate glass (carafe) and heat-resistant stainless steel (deal with). Each elements are naturally BPA-free. They’re also removable, dishwasher secure, and function in synergy to enhance its functionality and aesthetic worth. Bodum Chambord also features a tough three-part filter (stainless steel) that assure optimal flavor and aromatic oil extraction, a quick plunger-based coffee preparation method, along with a steady physique that blends nicely in kitchens.

5. SterlingPro

Forget concerning the yucky coffee that you simply prepare at house or order frequently out of your nearby restaurant. To enhance your coffee-making procedure at house with out breaking the bank or spending time inside a culinary college, purchasing SterlingPro French coffee press is definitely an superb answer. Featuring a double-walled stainless steel physique, it’s not just tough but additionally retains heat much better. The one-liter capacity provided is impressive for its size whilst its well-finished BPA-free interior doesn’t impair flavors nor compromise the worth of coffee, as most plastic accessories frequently do. If style is really a concern, its mirror completed physique blends nicely in kitchens. The double screen method provided keeps coffee smooth and palatable whilst the cash back assure provided allow you to make use of it be concerned totally free for as much as 30 days and return it if it fails to satisfy your requirements.

4. Kitchen Supreme

A well-liked accessory for preparing scrumptious tea and coffee, Kitchen Supreme is really a big eight-cup French press (34-ounces) produced of a fashionable and heat resistant stainless steel and heat resistant glass. The supplies are tough. Cleaning is really a breeze whilst the 4 screen filters that come constructed in not just get rid of grounds from coffee but additionally make sure optimal flavor and oil extraction for much better tasting coffee. Pricing is decent. The selection of coffee recipes and beverages that it could prepare tends to make it a perfect all-in-one kitchen accessory, whilst the 5-year warranty provided is really a great reflection from the worth from the French press provided.

3. Bodum Brazil

Featured in a number of top 10 best French presses in 2016 reviews, Bodum Brazil is big (34 ounces), tough, and has an aesthetic black theme that blends nicely in kitchens. Developed to maximize flavor and oil extraction, the three-part mesh filter (stainless steel) provided lasts lengthy. The borosilicate glass carafe purchasers get is heat resistant whilst its deal with is sturdy, ergonomic, and produced of BPA-free plastic that doesn’t impair the high quality of coffee you prepare. Its steady plastic base is heat resistant. Operation is extremely simple whilst the pocket-friendly amounts that people spend for this functional and appealing French press has produced it a best seller globally.

2. SterlingPro French Coffee Press

Measuring 16 x 14 x 24 centimeters, SterlingPro is really a big and functional French coffee press having a function wealthy and space effective style that blends nicely within the kitchen. Whether or not you’ve a contemporary searching or conventional house, you are able to shop and operate it in your countertop with out making an eyesore. Security and functionality are impressive whilst the high quality supplies utilized to manufacture it (borosilicate glass carafe, plastic lines steel lid, and stainless steel deal with) aren’t only tough but additionally simple to clean following use. You also get an sophisticated double screen method (replaceable) that keeps coffee smooth, a tip-free style for security, and BPA-free building.

1. KONA French Press

To get worth for cash, KONA from Idylc Houses is our choose from the best French press to buy. The 34-ounce storage capacity provided is impressive. Style and general building are impressive whilst its capability to prepare scrumptious tea, coffee, and espresso satisfies the demands of people of all cadres. KONA French Press features a fashionable black physique that doesn’t fade more than time, a sturdy and comfy deal with that eases pouring, along with a detachable stainless steel filter and infuser which will enhance the worth of one’s beverages considerably. KONA French Press is dishwasher-safe and retails to get a couple of dollars in shops.